Sell Your House Fast

Sell you house as fast as possible this Christmas season.


With Christmas right around the corner, you may be thinking of selling that inherited property. If so, you have come to the right place! No matter the case, if you are tired of dealing with tenants that won’t pay, you have just inherited a property and are not sure with what to do with it, or are just ready to sell and relocate.

We can help put cash in your hand in as little as 7 days.

Darrel and his highly skilled real estate partners are out to help as many as possible this Holiday season. With the market being in the shape it is at this time, we will be able to give you top dollar for your property. If your house is in need of some work, that is no problem whatsoever. We specialize in properties that need work. We can buy the house, repair it, and sell it to a new homeowner. We know how hard it is to sell a property that is in rough shape, and keep that in mind in every deal that we do.

We offer a solution for all those who are ready to sell.

If you are looking for a cash offer, we can send you one either by phone or email in as little as one day.

We have the resources available to buy a house, repair it, and then sell it. We not only deal with just houses, but also property. We can purchase your condo, apartment, multi-family unit, etc…

We pay cash to avoid paying interest rates which can be beneficial to both buyer and seller. Knowing we have cash readily available, if you are looking to sell as fast as possible, then all we have to do, is come to an agreement. Unlike dealing with a real estate agent, in which you would have to have the house spick and span and ready to be looked at, any moment of the day with no guarantee of the house being sold.

Not having a time frame can seem like you are never going to sell the property. When dealing with Darrel’s team, we try to have every house, along with all paperwork, finished and closed, in as little as 7 days.

If you are ready to sell your house, or have any questions. Contact Us Today.

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We Will Buy Your House Before Christmas

we-buy-christmas-housesWe Are Professional Home Buyers
The real estate experts at Darrel Buys Houses are professional home buyers. What that means is that we specialize in providing creative solutions for distressed homeowners. The options that we can provide for a motivated seller are far greater than what you will find with the typical home selling process.

As a company that buys houses, we are constantly looking for properties to invest in. We are interested in all kinds of properties. We buy single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, apartment buildings, vacant land, and occasionally even commercial property.

We Buy Houses In All Conditions
We are not looking for pristine property in perfect condition. The houses that we normally buy would be considered fixer uppers. They usually have quite a bit of work that needs to be done to them. Sometimes the work is only cosmetic, like a fresh coat of paint, refinishing the floors, installing some new carpet, or new cabinetry. At other times the work is more significant, structural work like replacing the roof, making repairs to the foundation, fixing internal plumbing problems, or even eliminating mold or rotten studs.

On occasion we buy a home that does not need any work done to it. These situations don’t come up very often but they do still happen. There are times when a family has gotten a job transfer and they just need to sell a house fast in order to not get stuck with two house payments or to be able to qualify for a new mortgage. There are other times when a homeowner experiences a financial setback and they are not able to continue making their mortgage payments. In order to avoid a foreclosure and all of the stigma that goes along with that they choose to sell their home quickly.

We Buy Houses Year Round
Although the real estate market usually slows down to its lowest level around the holidays, we are still buying houses. We do not take a break during the holidays from our home buying or from our searching for properties to invest in. This is what we do for a living so it would not be smart on our part to just stop looking and stop making offers from Thanksgiving through New Years.

If you need to or just want to sell your house during this time period we would be happy to speak with you. There are some big advantages to selling your house to a real estate investor during the holidays. We have provided a great resource for people just like you that are interested in learning about the pro and cons of selling their house to an investor. You can find that guide by clicking here.

Here are just a summary of few reasons about why this is actually a good time to speak with a real estate investor.

  • Many regular home buyers stop looking during the holidays because they have limited time and have to spend the extra time that they have making preparations for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Activities like cooking, decorating, or shopping take precedence over looking for a new house. Because this is our job, it does not take away any more time than usual for us. That works to your benefit.
  • Normally the banking and mortgage lenders take a little more time than usual to process loan applications during the holiday season. What that means for you, if you want to sell your house, is that the potential homebuyer could experience a longer than normal delay in getting their loan approval. This also means that it probably will take longer to actually get to the closing table. Once again, since we are pro home buyers, we do not get loan approval or bank financing. We buy house for cash using our own funds. That means that once me make an offer and you accept it, then we can close whenever you want to.
  • Everyone in all industries usually take some extra time to be with family and friends as the year winds down. This is to be expected, even recommended. We certainly enjoy the holidays with our family. But, what this means to someone that needs to get some repair work or renovations done to their home is that they will have a harder time getting contractors to get the job done in a timely manner. Since we buy houses as-is, this is one less thing that you have to think about. We do not expect you to do any work on the home.

The Bottom Line
Even as things are slowing down and most people are taking a break from their normal work routines, we are still buying houses. If you are stressed with a real estate problem, then more than likely, your problem is not taking a break for the holidays. Why not give us a call and let us take a load off of your mind? We can have a fair, cash offer in your hands in as little as 24 hours. We can close in as little as 7 days.
Just think about it. Twenty four hours from now you could finally have the peace of mind that you have been looking for. Everything that share with us is kept confidential. You do not have to accept our offer. There are no obligations. We help distressed homeowners all 12 months out of the year. If you would like to see if we can help you then simply take the first step and get in touch with us through whatever means works best for you

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How To Price Your House

The first thing you will need to know to price your house correctly is to know what your house is worth.

When trying to price your house, it is always important to know the selling price of other properties around yours.

If your house needs slight modifications, it is always a good idea to have an idea of what the overall costs would be to fix them. Oftentimes, homeowners want to take it a step further and try to do the work themselves, which typically causes a much bigger problem than the one they started with. Unless you as a homeowner have experience in construction or renovation, doing it yourself more often than not ends up causing more time and money than if you were to hire a professional to do the work for you. Hiring a professional can also eliminate much of the stress that comes with prepping your house for sale.

If your property is in need of some major repairs, that will lower the price dramatically. In order to provide the most accurate pricing for your property, you will need to have an estimate of what the repairs would cost. If you would like for the repairs to be made before selling, do some research on local companies that have good reviews for the work they have done. Price them out and choose the professionals that you believe will do the best job for your money. If you do not wish to have your house repaired before trying to sell, compile a list of the cost of each repair. Once you have the total breakdown of costs, consider the amount of money it will take to repair the damages and compare that price to an appropriate asking price of houses sold in your area.

Oftentimes, homeowners we deal with are ready to sell their property as fast as possible. They have tried going the traditional route with a real estate agent,  but have become frustrated with the length of the process. From that experience, they decide that they want to pursue another selling option. They want to sell their property as soon as possible. This is where we can help.

If you are trying to sell your house fast for cash, Darrel’s team of professionals will help you through this complicated process. We would love to talk to you about any questions or concerns you may have.

Watch the video below and contact us by either phone or email.

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Are You Thinking About Selling Your House?

Have you decided to sell your house or are you still weighing the important factors for making this decision? No matter where you are in this process, there is no need to look any further than Darrel Buys Houses! Our real estate specialists are able to answer your questions and make the home selling process as easy as possible. We know that selling your house is a major decision and there are many factors that go into making the right decision.

1. Should I list my house on the MLS through a traditional real estate agent?
Traditionally a real estate agent will have you sign a contract that is mainly a guarantee that the agent will make a commission if your house actually sells. It is not a guarantee that your house will sell. It does not guarantee that the realtor will find a buyer for your home. By placing your house on the MLS it gives other agents the ability to see that you are interested in selling your property. Typically the agent that lists your house is not the same agent that brings the buyer.
There are some agents that work hard to sell your house. Some agents invest in marketing the houses that they have listed. If you are considering listing your house with an agent then you should definitely ask them to give you an entire marketing plan for how they will sell your house.

Find out more information…

2. Should I try to sell my house by myself?
Today there are many options for people that would like to do a For Sale By Owner or FSBO. The real question comes down to whether or not you are willing and able to do what is necessary to market your home and work with the potential buyers to ensure that a deal can be made. Do you have the time to devote to hosting people going through your house when they want to view it. Are you financially able to continue making mortgage payments for a significant amount of time, until a buyer is found? Do you have a budget for marketing? Are you good on the phone? Are you able to answer phone calls from interested parties and get them to schedule a viewing? Once a potential home buyer has viewed your home, how are your sales skills? Do you know how to determine if a potential buyer is financially qualified or able to buy your house?

3. Should I sell my house to a real estate investor?
cash-for-houseMany people never consider selling their house to an investor. Some homeowners are completely unaware of this option while others have heard bad stories from unscrupulous investors. Depending on your particular situation, a real estate investor could be a good option. Typically investors are interested in buying properties from motivated sellers. Investors are normally all cash buyers that buy houses as is. They are often able to provide solutions for distressed properties that are not available from the traditional sales process.

4. What repairs do I need to make to my house?
This is an important factor to consider when you are thinking about selling your house. What type of repairs need to be done on your property? There are structural repairs and cosmetic repairs. Obviously if you are going to try to list your house with a realtor or do a FSBO then you will need to fix as much as possible in order to make your house as appealing as you can for potential buyers.
If the person that wants to buy your house needs to get bank financing, then the bank will typically require that any structural problems are remedied before they will loan the money for the purchase. Most real estate agents will not want to list a house that needs a lot of repairs.
When you sell your house to an investor, you are able to save all the money that you would have spent on repairs or renovations. If an investor decides to buy your house they will buy it as is no matter the condition or location. Depending on what repairs that your property needs, this could result in quite a significant savings.

5. How much money will I be able to get out of my house?
When you are weighing out your choices for selling your house, you should consider the cost of repairs that you will have to make and add that to the cost of the real estate agent’s commission (normally 6% of the sales price of your house) and add to that the closing costs that you will be responsible for paying. This will give you a basic idea of the expenses that you will have to deduct from your sale.
Your listing price is always just a starting point for negotiation. In most every real estate transaction some negotiation will be made that will cause you to come down on the asking price. Once you have arrived at the final sales price then you will need to subtract the amount that you still owe on your mortgage as well as the costs listed above. This will give you the figure that you will make on your home sell.

6. Is this a good time to sell my house?
timeThere are certain times that are good to try to sell your house. Normally the spring and summer are the best times of the year. Once it starts getting close to the holiday season, people do not think about moving. Another factor to consider is how many other houses like yours are for sale in your community. If people have many choices then it will be more difficult for you to sell your house. An investor or an agent can tell you the current condition of your local real estate market.

One of our friendly and knowledgeable real estate professionals would be happy to answer any questions that you have about issues with your house or property. We can even come out and give you a no obligation cash offer on your house to help you get an idea of what your house is worth. (214)306-8626

Give us a call today!

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We Buy Houses

Darrel and his team of real estate investors specialize in buying houses as fast as possible form people who are looking for a quick sale on their property. Whether it be because of foreclosure, divorce, inheritance, or you are just ready to move. Darrel and his team would be glad to help, or answer any questions you may have.

Darrel and his team buy properties as is and for cash!
No matter what condition the property is in, we would love to take a look at it and have a cash offer to you within 24 hours!

Most professionals take weeks, or even months to close on a property, but our team can close in as little as 7 days! With a process that has been fine tuned throughout the last couple of years, all we need to do is get your address and contact information and we will have an all cash offer to you within 24 hours.

We take pride in helping people, and hope to help many…many more! When dealing with Darrel’s team, there is no need to worry about ethics or moral issues, as that is our top priority. We have come to find, that if we put that at the top, all else falls into place.

So what are you waiting for?
Contact us today